students-newParrs Wood High School aims “to provide an educational experience which will enable each pupil to fulfil their academic and social potential.”

Parrs Wood Parent Teachers Association supports the school in achieving its goal.

Our strategy

Transparency: The PTA will actively support a number of named and visible projects and targets that can be clearly promoted as ‘what the PTA is raising funds for’.

Engagement – ‘two way street’: The PTA will engage with the Staff and Children through the School Council, the School Staff, Governors and Local Community to suggest projects, and will look for similar levels of engagement to support PTA fund raising.

Recruitment: With school support, the PTA will raise its profile in the school and community, to recruit a more representative and active membership.

Community: The PTA will liaise pro-actively with the school and governors to improve communication and engagement with all elements of the community.

Supporting the school